About MFW

Our vision

Magnusson Fine Wine shall be a European leader in terms of storage, advisory services and wine experiences.


  • Storage and security are optimal.
  • MFW accepts only as many clients as we can provide with personal service and advice.
  • MFW is an active meeting point for people with a great interest in wine.

Magnusson Fine Wine is a modern wine cellar at Grevgatan 26, in the heart of the Östermalm district of Stockholm. The premises have been purpose-designed in detail for wine storage. We focus on giving personal and professional advice. As a further means of sharing our knowledge, we write books and articles.

MFW today has 245 clients with wine storage cages, and we will at most be able to admit 320 clients in the category we call MFW Connoisseur. We also offer wine storage facilities at Frihamnen (Stockholm Free Port) and on out-of-town premises.

Meet Johan Magnusson

Founder-proprietor Johan Magnusson has been living and working with wine for over 30 years now. Johan is a sommelier and authorised by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce as a wine and spirits valuer. He is also Systembolaget’s official valuer for drinks auctions.

Johan cut his first professional teeth at Grythyttan and Restauranghögskolan (the School of Hospitality, Culinary Arts and Meal Science). Intent on learning to understand wine production, Johan worked hands-on at a number of Bordeaux vineyards. To deepen and update his knowledge, he goes on regular tasting tours, mainly in France.

With the inauguration of Magnusson Fine Wine in March 2008, Johan realised his ambition of filling a gap in Sweden – a wine cellar for people sharing his great passion for wines of high quality. With his knowledge and contacts, Johan has been helping his clients to build up their wine collections and increase their value ever since.


Johan Magnusson, Owner of MFW, B.Sc. (Econ.) and sommelier, with many years’ experience of helping private individuals and companies to build wine cellars, in terms of both physical storage and wine selection.
E-mail , mobile 0709–84 59 99

Tina Hagelin came to us in October 2012, mainly to take charge of administration and money matters, but also with some involvement in the day-to-day running of the wine cellar. Tina holds a sommelier diploma from Restaurangakademien (the Restaurant Academy of Sweden), and her professional experience derives from the media and travel sector. You can always contact Tina, for example, if you have a question about invoicing.

E-mail , mobile 0707–87 51 10

Charlotta Leijonhufvud-Magnusson CEO, but mostly our Logistics and Quality Manager. MFW has a quality programme which is all the time being reviewed and evaluated If you have any thoughts or viewpoints about our work, Charlotta will be glad to hear them.
E-mail , mobile 0708–38 39 34

A present-day wine cellar

Murky vaults are perhaps the first thing evoked by the mention of wine cellars. The underlying philosophy of Magnusson Fine Wine at Grevgatan 26 was to create something different, something hitherto lacking in the wine market.

Johan Magnusson, Thomas Eriksson Arkitekter (TEA) and Stockholm Design Lab have devised a wine cellar which brings together advanced architecture and the latest technology. Industrial precision contributes to precision wine storage. To Magnusson Fine Wine, collaboration with the renowned TEA practice was crucially important.

The premises had formerly housed a gallery, a garage and a bakery, for example, but Johan Magnusson saw here the potential for a wine cellar. Furthest inside was a large, hall-like room with generous headroom. Daylight was totally excluded, which, together with the right air humidity and temperature, is a sine qua non of wine storage. This is the perfect venue for storing fine wines. The wine cages were designed and plotted with millimetre precision by architect Hans Dahlgren. Instead of the bottles being housed behind bars or in boxes, there are cage doors of toughened glass. The wines are fully visible and at the same time well out of harm’s way.

Near the entrance is the Wine Bar, with its custom-designed tables. The countersunk tabletop lighting facilitates the appraisal of a wine’s nuances of colour. We use the Wine Bar for tastings and get-togethers. Here we also have a diminutive chambre séparée, with Fornasetti wallpaper, surrounded by red walls and. ipso facto, dubbed the Red Room.

Grevgatan 26 employs a warm palette – chalk white instead of bone white, and grey shades like slate instead of black. The fittings, furnishings and art are contemporary. In addition to creating a personal atmosphere, this underscores the essence of Magnusson Fine Wine as a state-of-the-art establishment.