Storage services

  • Bottle care

    How can MFW achieve optimum surveillance and storage of 120,000 bottles? 
We have developed a registration method all of our own. Every bottle and case is allotted a unique bar code showing when it was registered with us – a kind of personal ID ensuring security for you, the client, and for ourselves, and helping to achieve an exact history and correct storage certification.

    Registration and unique marking

    We start taking care of your wines from the very moment of their arrival here. Bottles are identified, registered and allotted individual bar codes. Whole cases are left unbroken and bar-coded on the outside. A second MFW associate ensures that registration is correct. This is a time-consuming process, but essential for maintaining full control.

    Each bottle or case registration is scanned into the MFW Cellartracker™ database. The bottles are put in the client’s wine cage and whole cases are driven to case storage.

    You, the client, receive a deposit report and a registration receipt. You can also view the registration via MFW Cellartracker™.

    Withdrawal and de-registration of bottles:

    Nothing could be simpler. Just mail or phone us, preferably one weekday in advance, if you wish to collect one or more bottles. For case withdrawals we need two working days’ notice. Withdrawals are registered by us at MFW and entered in MFW Cellartracker™.

  • MFW’s storage certificate – a certificate of value

    To players in the wine market and to auction houses, wine which has been properly stored means a better price to be had. There is growing demand in the market for wine storage certification. MFW issues official storage certificates verifying that your wine has been stored with us in optimal conditions. (Previous storage conditions, of course, are beyond our control.) 
Every single bottle or case gets a storage certificate from us, which in itself is value-enhancing.

  • Storage history

    The world of wine is changeable and practically endless. To select and invest in superior wines, you need passion and cogitation in plenty. Sadly, less attention is paid to storage. Creating optimum storage conditions which protect and develop the wine is no easy task, hence the paucity of wines properly stored. Make no mistake: the way your wine is stored today will decide its development and future. Subtle, transient changes of air humidity and temperature can ruin a fine wine, as can vibrations and UV light. The wine cellar at Grevgatan 26 presents optimum storage conditions, as do our case storage facilities.

    Play it safe

    Frauds and counterfeits, regrettably, have grown more and more widespread concurrently with certain wines getting more and more valuable. Buy young wines from a dependable source and store them well, and you will be able to keep a check on their development. If you are investing in laid-down wines, detailed and reliable storage documentation is vital.

    One rule of thumb. Just as with art and other investment objects – if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. You will be well advised to purchase wines only from safe sources like reputable auction houses, dependable wine merchants and the producers themselves.