The following dishes suits well to both champagne, white wine and red wine. Please order at least two days in advance. We work together with excellent Brasserie Bobonne on Storgatan, a genuine Parisian neighbourhood restaurant praised in Guide Michelin with a Bib Gourmand and one "fork and spoon". For dishes from Bobonne - please order two days in advance - the other choices can be ordered the day before.

Amuse bouche, cheese and plate with ham and cheese

15 SEK/st

Amuse bouche with goose liver

140 SEK

Parmesan cheese and salami from Tuscany

140 SEK

Snacks plate with almonds, nuts and crisps (Marcona almond, Valencia almond, Macadamia nut and Spanish kettle fried crisps)

175 SEK

Cheese plate (an assortment of three wine friendly cheeses) - served with marmelade and bread

250 SEK

Plate of cheese and ham (an assortment of cheese, salami and ham) - served with bread

Entrée from Brasserie Bobonne (order two days in advance)

210 SEK

Chanterelle soup with smoked duck breast, chives & puffed buckwheat
Here we would recommend a rich medium, or full bodied, white wine with not too much acidity. The immediate choice is a white Burgundy - but there are many others in the same style.

Main courses from Brasserie Bobonne (order two days in advance)

300 SEK

Cod with a crème ninon with a white wine & mussel sauce base. Served with cauliflower, peas & spring onion
Here we would recommend a full bodied and rounded white wine with the same profile as the entree but with a bit more power - perhaps a bottle with some age or oak notes?

300 SEK

Veal with salsify, cabbage & served with a sherry, shallots and tarragon sauce
A very wine friendly and elegant dish where the softer and rounder red wines (preferably with some maturity but younger with more freshness also works) are ideal. What immediately springs to mind are wines from the northern Rhône Valley (or a similar style/ grape composition). A right bank Merlot-based Bordeaux would also be perfect

275 SEK

Bobonne's classic Boeuf Bourguignon with potato puree
A broad range of rich and full-bodied red wines suits this dish.

Dessert from Brasserie Bobonne (order two days in advance)

145 SEK

Vanilla bavarois with chocolate and cherries two ways (dried & marinated) The mind goes straight to Sauternes - but why not a wine with freshness made from dried grapes such as Vin Santo or a similar style?

145 SEK

Créme Brûlée
Sweet wines, in general, fits nicely.

35 SEK

Chocolate truffle (from Betsy Sandberg in Östermalmshallen)

25 SEK

Ice cream, vanilla with chocolate (not from Brasseri Bobonne)

Shellfish menu

Served well with the Friday Champagne. All courses comes with bread, lemon and sauce.

Readily order in advance – orders in the winebar comes with one hour waiting time.


279 SEK

Half freshly cooked lobster

499 SEK

Whole freshly cooked lobster

Oyster plateau

Shellfish plateau (served to even numbers of guests)

375 SEK

An assortment of 12 oysters

750 SEK

Half a lobster, half a crab, four oysters, one langoustine, fresh shrimps and smoked shrimps. Served with different sauces.

Caviar menu

Embellish your visit to MFW with bleak roe from Kalix or farmed sturgeon roe from northern Germany . It is also possible to buy and bring home. The caviar is served with miniblinis and smetana.

Bleak roe from Kalix

150 SEK/50 gram

This bleak roe comes from Junköfiskarna and contains 4 % salt

Sturgeon roe from Savolaks in Finland and Pyrinées in Spain

**Caviar Nacarii** is traditionally made fresh caviar produced in the green Valle de Aran in the heart of the Spanish Pyrenees. This gives birth to sturgeons (of Russian origin) in the clean and crystal clear water, which is the early part of the Garonne River, following traditional methods that Iranian caviar masters use. Annual production is only 800 kg. **Carelian Caviar** is found in Varkhaus in the Finnish Lake District. Here are sturgeon roe produced according to the rules and the result is impressive. Malossol is produced year-round.

575 SEK/30 gram

**Caviar Nacarii Baerii** (the Baerii sturgeon originates from Siberia and is the fastest to mature and give caviar. Usually its slaughtered at the age of 8-10 years. Baerii-caviar is the world's most cultivated caviar. Saltiness 3,0%)

575 SEK/30 gram

**Carelian Caviar Baerii Malossol** (This sturgeon comes originally from Siberia and it is the fastest to mature and give caviar. Usually its slaughtered at the age of 8-10 years. Baerii-caviar is the world's most cultivated caviar. Malossol is the most common variety, accounting for 85% of sales. It is appreciated for its delicate taste, good integrated saltiness (3.5%), buttery obesity and fragile membranes and light taste of the sea. Long aftertaste.)

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