• You have two MFW membership categories to choose from:

    » I: MFW Connoisseur
    MFW Connoisseur is for clients who fancy taking part in activities and renting cages in Grevgatan. This is often coupled with additional case storage.

    » II: MFW Case Storage
    MFW Case Storage is for clients who mainly want to store unopened (and mixed) cases off our premises.

  • MFW Connoisseur

    MFW Connoisseur is for clients who rent wine cages in Grevgatan and fancy taking part in activities. This membership is often combined with case storage of wines with longer storage lives. The cage is personal.

    An MFW Connoisseur visits his or her collection regularly and withdraws single bottles. Rentals of up to three cages are common practice. A normal size cage holds 200 Bordeaux-size bottles. As a start most clients resives a cage for up to 75 Bordeaux-size bottles, since there is a high demand for the normal size cages.

    As an MFW Connoisseur you are welcome to the Wine Bar and to book the Red Room for guests of your own. You can order food to MFW dinners signed restaurant Bobonne, with shellfish menus and cheeses from the Östermalmshallen covered market.

    We also arrange events such as Friday Champagne, importer and producer tastings, wine dinners, prestige tastings, wine trips and guest performances from leading restaurants.

    Private, SEK Corporate, SEK
    First cage 18 000 25 000
    Additional cage 12 750 18 000
    Prices are per annum and inclusive on Swedish VAT.

    MFW Connoisseur gives you:

  • MFW Case Storage

    MFW Case Storage exists mainly for storage of unopened (and mixed) cases, with five cases as the minimum number.
Perhaps you want to build up a collection for the future, buy in large quantities or invest in wine.

    As an MFW Case Storage client without reduced membership, you also receive wine-purchasing hints and invitations to stand-up importer and producer tastings at MFW.

    A case corresponds to 12 whole bottles, 6 magnums or 24 half-bottles. 
A case with more than two wines counts as a “mixed case” and is subject to a different charge plus a registration fee.

    Two cases containing six (or fewer) bottles each can be taped together and registered as one case if they are delivered simultaneously. MFW can supply cases. Case storage is provided either at our transaction warehouse in Frihamnen or in the external long-term storage unit outside Stockholm.

    The case charge starts at SEK 26.00 per case monthly (inclusive of Swedish VAT). The average charge is reduced at ten-case intervals to a level comparable with international prices.

    Ask for our price list.

    MFW Case Storage comprises:

  • MFW Collector

    MFW Collector is our most comprehensive membership and is intended for our most active clients with large collections. You can only be admitted to MFW Collector membership through qualification, activity and the value of your collection. The collection itself is intended more for investment than for consumption. MFW Collector benefits include extra consultation time for your wine collection – an extra-large collection takes more looking after.

    An MFW Collector receives services over and above those available to MFW Connoisseur members, namely:

    • Annual invitation to the Collectors Dinner.
    • Advance notice of offers of exclusive wine procurements and unique allocations from producers and importers.
    • Prior notice of unique events.
    • An annual audit of your wine portfolio.
    • Free transport of goods to and from Systembolaget’s drinks auctions.
  • Included in the various client categories

    The following services are available to the various client categories.

    » Download client category matrix

  • Rent the whole of MFW

    The Grevgatan premises can be rented, partly or wholly, outside normal opening hours. 
It may also be possible to book the premises for small meetings and conferences during the day. Space permitting, external parties can rent the Unpacking Room for wine tastings and dinners.

    If you are interested, please let us know.